Beard Papas Food Truck

Beard Papas.

Cream puffs to global domination! Yep, cream puffs are on this food truck. The franchise has roots in Japan and is set to take over the world. They have stores in all 6, or is it 8 continents now with the new discoveries? I can’t keep track anymore. Since there is no more NASA on the Space Coast let the whole heap of people out of work answer that question. Back to cream puff domination. As far as I can tell from their website, this seems like a cream puff franchise operating out of stores. This food truck seems like the first, or is it Cream Puff Food Truck Global domination?

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Parked amongst all the other food trucks at the Daily City Orlando Food Truck Bazaar Fashion Square, this truck was somewhat less noticeable. There are lots of signage of cream puffs, mochi, hot, and cold drinks, but where was the name of the truck? I literally walked by about 3 times before finding a name on the truck. Maybe the dominators wants us to remember the cream puff not the brand name? I keep mentioning global domination, go check out the website they are literally all over the globe.

We tried the Eclair, Chocolate, and Cream puffs. There was ample creaminess to the fillings with slight subtle flavorings. But no puff in the puff. The shells were deflated, soft, flavorless, hapless mounts of nothingness. Oh, so disappointed. In their defense it was a colder windier Central Floridian night outdoors. No domination tonight! Maybe no domination on a food truck?

Beard Papa's · Fresh 'n Natural Cream Puffs on Urbanspoon

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