FeastBeast Food Truck

FeastBeast Food Truck.

Flying the  Brazilian flag is this bright orange truck with an unmistakably big name sign. Although, the kid (child labor laws apply) who greeted us was a little shy at first he warmed up and gave a nice little story about Brazilian food and even offered a business card. Cool props kiddo!

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The menu was concise and simple. A couple of sandwiches, a couple of dishes with rice, meat on a stick, nothing crazy right? Wrong! Read between the lines and the little surprises pop out. Meat on a stick is really chicken hearts; gooey cheese roll; the feijoada, Brazil’s national dish; Short ribs raised in Red wine; and my choice the Brazilian Feast Beast Sandwich. I really wanted the feijoada or the short ribs, but after whizzing through a couple of food trucks before the old food sack was getting a little topped off. So splitting a sandwich did not seam so bad. The Brazilian Feast Beast was a little explosion of flavors. Grilled Toscana Sausage, topped with sauteed onions, melted smoked provolone, Bacon Jam, roasted garlic mayo and vinaigrette on a fresh French bread. The Toscana sausage was bold with spicy flavors which blended well with the cooling mayo and cheese. Amazing little sandwich. I regretted agreeing to split it. Could have handled the whole thing. Next time. Oh but next time is the feijoada, guess it’ll be multiple trips.

When the attendants did turn on the chatter it was very pleasurable. No need to clam up. Product is great!

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