Kilwins Chocolate and Ice Cream Celebration

Kilwins Celebration | Kilwins.

I do not get down to Disney‘s pixiefied town of Celebration often, if at all. However, during the Christmas time I like to drive around and look at the spectacularly lit homes. Of course, no visit to Celebration is complete without a little stroll along the lakeside promenade and take in the beautiful horse drawn carts or the pure stench of horse dung. All that walking, and lights, and people, and horse manure, combined with a nice stiff December wind makes me a little parched.

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In true Disney fashion, magically appeared a refreshment destination. Kilwin’s Chocolate and Ice Cream store could not have been at a more opportune location, at one end of the promenade. Walk, get thirsty, stop, refresh. The pure smell of chocolate and waffle cone beckons. Walking through those doors is exactly what I imagine heaven to smell like ….. or a manger horses and all.  With so many people frantically working different stations to spin magic into tiny little morsels of goodness, it almost feels elf like. Nevertheless, the genuine hospitality was felt even though the place was packed. Smiling and nodding elfs! In all seriousness, no more Disney and Christmas references. This is a really exquisite and friendly store.

A cup of hot cocoa, rum raisin and butter pecan ice cream waffle cone is just what the season called  for. The hot cocoa was thick with a foam that just would not melt. The marshmallows adds that element of togetherness. After all, what is hot cocoa without marshmallows? Sprinklings of sweet chocolate on top was a nice delicate touch. The heat level was perfect from the first sip to the last.  Crisp, sweet, fragrant waffle cone acted as the perfect cradle for the creamy rich ice cream. What better Christmas present? I need to make this trip more often.

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