New Year’s Eve at Finesse Restaurant

Finesse Restaurant.

On New Year’s Eve, one wants to have the best dining experience for that year. Finesse Restaurant by far was my choice. Having dined here previously, it was exactly how I wanted to remember the year 2011. Great food, great atmosphere, great host.


The New Year’s Eve Special menu was simple enough with well placed limited choices.

New Year's Eve Menu 2011 1New Year's Eve Menu 2011 3

We started out with

Ceviche 1Ceviche 2

Ceviche Mojito – fresh grouper, scallops, grilled octopus, bell peppers, cilantro, mint, habanero mojo, served with tostones. Right off the bat, here was a perfect showcase of Latin flavors done right, simply amazing.

Green Goddess SaladFresh Bread

Green Goddess Salad – sardine goddess dressing, romaine, foccacia crotons, shredded grana. The extremely light dressing allowed for the rustic romaine and crotons to stand out.

Fresh Bread – warm soft bread with just the right crackling crust served with herbed butter was delicious. It was very difficult to resist the temptation of asking for more bread. Save room!

Pork Belly

Pork Belly ‘N Egg – chef’s slow-braised pork belly confit, sweet marsala demi-glace, sunny side farmer’s egg. Quite heavenly. Not only is the pork belly braised to tender perfection, but there is a crackling skin that just adds that extra surprise. Marvelous, sumptuousness!

Lobster Crab Soup

Lobster Crab Soup – shelled Maine lobster and Maryland crab, brandied cream stock. Slightly on the salty side, but creamy and rich.

Avissi Prosecco

Avissi Prosecco – Crisp clean and bubbly. Nothing like a like sparkles to start off New Year celebration.

Our main offerings were

Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass – pan seared, lobster risotto cake, vegetable tangle, key lime butter sauce. I was assured that they source Chilean Sea Bass from a sustainable purveyor. This moist flaky fish in itself is a treat no wonder it is overfished. But to add a lobster risotto cake was simple luxurious mischief.

Filet Mignon Oscar

Filet Mignon Oscar – grilled angus tenderloin, seared asparagus, lump crabmeat, lemon-tarragon hollandaise, crispy caviar potatoes, honey glazed carrots. How does one elevate a filet mignon? Add lump crab and caviar. The hollandaise sauce was perfect, all the flavors of this rich dish melted together.

…and then the magic came in desserts

Caramel Cream Cheese Flan

Caramel cream cheese flan – natural caramel, cream cheese custard, slow baked, caramel drizzle. This recipe tasted like a piece of heaven on the street corners of Little Havana, Miami. Ayi dios mios!

Chocolate Orange Molten Cake 4Chocolate Orange Molten Cake 5

Chocolate Orange Molten Cake – ghirardelli chocolate, chocolate ganache center, peanut butter anglaise. Is it legal to serve something with this much decadence? The verdict is still out. There are x rated references to this little dessert.

Chateau Simon Sauternes

Chateau Simon Sauternes – exotic, fruity, and rich. I caution….do not leave a bottle of this in front of me! Amazing close to a spectacular meal. Happy New Years! May all meals in 2012 be this special!

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