Maza Restaurant


On a recent trip to the Publix Supermarket on Hiawassee Rd, a sign caught my attention that read “Afghan Cuisine”. Finally, Orlando gets to taste Afghan food.

This restaurant occupies the old location of Habibi, next to Tessa, and Publix Supermarket.  From my vague memory, it appears that there might have been slight decor changes. At least the place looked brighter and cozier. There are several low tables and sectioned off areas for larger parties. Large life sized columns surround a semi private section. There are regular sized tables and chairs.

The menu has Indian and Afghan dishes. Afghan dishes are denoted with (A). There are Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Extras, Afghan Kabobs, Tandoori (clay oven), Murgh (chicken), Lamb, Jinga (shrimp), Machli (fish), Sabzi Khana (vegetarian), Biryani Entrees, Naans, parathas, and desserts, with specialty drinks.

Chai Sabz (1024x576)

Chai Sabz (Green Tea with cardamom). A very light fragrant tea that dances lively on the palate.

Doogh (1024x576)

DOOGH (Salty Afghan yogurt drink). An very salted drink, topped with mint.

Mixed Assorted Appetizer Platter (1024x576)

MIXED ASSORTED PLATTER – Vegetable samosa, pakora, onion bhaji, & papad.

Chaplee Kabob (1024x576)

CHAPLEE KABOB – Spicy ground beef patties mixed with onion, cilantro, and ginger, then pan fried (Spicy). Afghan Specialty.

Qabli Palow Gosfand (1024x576)

QABLI PALOW GOSFAND – Browned tender pieces of lamb baked with basmati rice and topped with shredded carrots, raisins, and almonds. Afghan Specialty.

Peshwari Naan (1024x576)

PESHWARI NAAN  Afghan naan stuffed with raisins, almonds & cardamom.

Gulab Jamun (1024x576)

GULAB JAMUN  Fried pastry ball made with milk, cardamom and syrup.

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