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Beef noodle soup is the national dish of Taiwan. It is often replicated or interpreted in many Taiwanese restaurants in the US. But it’s rare for a restaurant to be named after this dish, especially in the Chinese character. That’s what drew my attention to try out King’s Beef Noodle restaurant during my short time visit to Dallas, TX.

Upon arrival, a big sign at the door read “Cash Only”. Okay, I got cash. I walked into the restaurant, another big sign, “Please order and pay here” Okay, counter service, you order you pay. Then they bring the food to the table. The restaurant offers many different selections, not just noodle dishes. It has many other popular Taiwanese dishes, such as salted crispy chicken, fried pork chop, sliced pig feet, and a wide selection of shaved ice and boba tea.

I ordered traditional beef noodle soup, since they dare to coin that name. It has to be good, right?  It didn’t take long before I got the food. Beef was tender. Noodles had the right texture and soup tasted crisp and light, not too salty. Even though it didn’t taste as good as in Taiwan, it probably is the best beef noodle soup I have tasted in the US!

I also ordered tofu with century egg, one of my all time favorite. Tofu was very soft and tasted like fresh made, not the kind you buy in the Oriental supermarket. Century egg, soy sauce paste, bonito flakes, and scallions, all very well balanced.

If you are looking for some authentic Taiwanese food, for someone who misses the home cuisine like me, King’s Noodle restaurant is a great place. Remember CASH ONLY.

Restaurant Survey

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Host responded promptly.


Server approached table promptly.


Server was knowledgeable, courteous, and informative.


Food items arrived on time.


Food was at appropriate temperature.


Beverage quality was up to par.


Water glass was kept full.


Cleanliness and overall condition of the restaurant.


Cleanliness and overall condition of the rest rooms.


Management checked on the dining experience.


Staff bid farewell.


Overall satisfaction.


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