Ayothaya Thai Cuisine

Ayothaya Thai Cuisine.

Thai cuisine in the heart of Restaurant Row. Almost every door opens into a different restaurant along this stretch of very upscale strip plaza or what is more affably known to locals and repeat guest alike as Restaurant Row. One such door opens to a whole different world. Welcome to Ayothaya. This restaurant has done a remarkably good job in recreating the Thai spirit and setting. There are very stylish Thai artifacts and wall art coupled with a very soothing atmosphere.

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The menu here is like most other local Thai restaurants with a few additions. Ayothaya specialties are common ingredients prepared their way and Ayothaya Creations are where the chefs demonstrates their abilities. There are several Market Price items which I am sure depends on portion size or what is available.

On this occasion I was prive to try the Beef Noodle Soup which was clear and flavorful; The Pepper Steak, which exhibited signature pepper; Garlic Pork which was more black pepper than garlic; Spicy Frog Legs which was a treat of tender frog meat dressed in batter. All of these dishes were well balanced in flavor and texture. The presentation was nice and portions generous.

This restaurant has managed to capture the Thai hospitality on a the very bustling Restaurant Row.

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