Golden Apple Cuisine

I saw this name appear on many flyers and sponsored events around the West Indian/Caribbean Community so I made a mental note to check it out sometime. Recently, I was in the Winter Garden area and  the opportunity was ripe for the taking. Get it…ripe, golden apple? No? Well, allow me “Golden Apple” is a tropical fruit.

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Nestled right next to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Winter Garden, sits this tiny little storefront. The decor and furniture is modest but seems very comfortable. There is a pool table that greets you and a sit down bar. Taking a second glance it is rather large in there. Very good for large parties or families. I had no intention of sitting down, since most West Indian restaurants in Orlando are pretty much just take out with a few chairs or tables occupied by men drinking beer. Much to my delight the staff was very accommodating and friendly. So I saddled up at the bar and let the young lady be my guide.

Don’t know if you realize, but there is a large Chinese population in Trinidad and Guyana, so it just goes that Chinese food is very common. The menu is divided by West Indian predominantly Guyanese style and Chinese dishes. Most Orlando Caribbean restaurants are better at certain dishes and not so much at others. Golden Apple boast their Chinese dishes. When asked what makes their Chinese dishes stand out, the confident young lady replied, “Our sauce is special”.

I followed her lead to the House Special Fried Rice. Did I mention that this was a Halaal Restaurant? Oh yeah, shame on me. What is Halaal? Food that is permissible for consumption following strict Islamic laws. No pork here. Which brings me back to the Fried Rice. The al dente rice consisted of thin sliced beef, chicken, and shrimps all stir fried. There are several, okay alot, of baked chicken on top of this rice. The special sauce is slathered on this baked chicken. Ah ha! That is what the young lady meant. This dish comes with a side of hot sauce. Be forewarned, if you are not accustomed to West Indian hot, don’t mess with it. Portions are also very huge. Small is really big. I washed the Caribbean niceness down with a clean, crisp Guyanese Beer called Banks.

All is well in the cool laid back West Indian vibe. This is a nice little rare Caribbean gem that you can actually sit in and enjoy some sweet Guyanese cuisine. I can’t wait to go back and try their curries and other items.

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