J Pablos and Grill Food Truck


Here is a food truck sitting quietly on Vineland Rd. right outside of Universal Studios in the old spot of Junior’s Colombian Burger Truck. One big difference, this guy makes a kick ass Colombian Arepa. Yeah, I know you’ve heard of the Venezuelan Arepa, but have you had the Colombian?

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The Columbian arepa is made of a larger flat corn pancake like bread. It is then piled with your choice of an assortment of cheese and meats. We went for the Mixed Arepa which consisted of shredded beef, chicken, mozzarella cheese, and topped with cilantro, and spicy mayo based sauces. Tip: pick up and wrap like a taco, open mouth wide and stuff in. Holy arepa! The flavors were bold and succulent. Nice balance and tenderness of the corn bread. We also sampled the Colombian cheese burger. Which was packed with a nice juicy patty, potato chips, tomato, lettuce, cilantro, and slight sweet mayo based sauce. There was the definite smokey flavors of a food truck. There was also Postobon Manzana Apple Soda, which was nice and fizzy with ample apple flavor.

Good food at a very modest food truck. Flavors, were all there.

J Pablo's Grill Food Truck on Urbanspoon


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