Bangkok Square Restaurant

Bangkok Square | Orlando | Sushi Restaurant | 32826 Food Delivery.

On a recent drive along the Alafaya Corridor, around University of Central Florida, one of my very young budding foodie friends wanted to try this particular restaurant. So we obliged and even let him order. Apparently, he really wanted a bento box. The restaurant made an exception for him since it was a Sunday and they serve bentos only during the week day. Very generous of them.

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Although outside of the building leaves alot to desire, the interior decor was nice and cozy. Definitely a nice place to hang when in college. The chairs, tables and booths were aptly adequate for a college restaurant. The soft serve ice cream station was a first for me in a Thai/Japanese restaurant, but hey, I can dig it.

The food menu is a combination of Thai and Japanese dishes. All the usual suspects were present with no great big surprises. We ordered some basic rolls, a Pad Thai and a bento box. The food was nothing special to write home to mom about. But maybe this is as good start as any. I could not really tell if my young foodie friend was impressed, but he did walk out shaking his head??? Back to the books …. kids.

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