Le Macaron Winter Park

Le Macaron Home – Le Macaron French Pastries.

Will these little darlings concur the mighty chocolate goodies on Valentine’s Day? I bet it’ll be a grand race.


What are macarons? It is a little sugary, almond, merengue cookie sandwich looking marvel that is filled with an assortment of jams and buttercream. Wait….sounds inviting, hello it is Frenchy! All things Frenchy are cool. I asked, what is the big fuss over these seemingly little things? Why would anyone open three stores? Yes one in Sarasota, Ft. Lauderdale, and Winter Park. Can these little things really garner the attention of an entire store? My short answer, the proof is in the cookie! But you can be the judge.

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The Winter Park location is removed from bustling Park Av. into a nice rather charming lobbyish alleyway. There is a walkway that leads back into more secret walkways and back stores. Say hello to the koi fishes on your way in. There are few brightly colored chairs and tables in front of the store. The store itself is a counter with the largest, most colorful display of  treats. I am not sure if to eat these or just stare.

Well, the proof is in the cookie. An assortment of six, hindsight ….. definitely not enough, was the taste box. Right off the bat, these things are small, center palm sized, one plop in the mouth. Okay maybe 2 nibbles, but why, then there would be crumbs all over the place. With an explosion of flavor profiles, I am glad that I chose the one bite approach since these little darlings come with a Frenchy price tag. Sssh I must confess these little mounds of almond and sugar are really special. So, on this Valentine’s Day if chocolate has never been your thing or your excuse to get someone something, you know who you are, try a box of macarons. I am going to need another fix pretty soon.

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