Mojo Cajun Bar and Grill

Downtown Orlando’s Only Cajun Restaurant | Mojo Cajun Bar & Grill.

Occupying an ole spot in Downtown Orlando’s Church Street Station Entertainment District, this two story love fest promises to entertain. It is everything you would expect from a New Orleans style restaurant. The upstairs veranda reminisces of bead slinging uninhibited flashers. The decor is a kitsy hodge podge of New Orleans and Cajun culture.

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There are several bars, watering stops, and kitchens. Being steps away from the Amway Center this is definitely the place for before, during, and after the games. With a gazillion of TVs scattered all over the place there might not be a need to actually go to the Amway Center. Food, drinks, and beads right here. Oh there is that live factor. Well, everyone passes through here anyway. Food here caters to all. There are your usual suspects of fried, raw oysters, burgers, and po boys. The drinks are cold and flowing lively. Simply put, if you are heading to the Amway Center, get your Mojo on before you face the bright lights.

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