Tu Casa Restaurant

Great Tasting Food Orlando, FL.

When restaurant boasts of home cooking and it is packed with locals of it’s own ethnicity, it echo volumes. Tu Casa achieves this accolade and more.

There is nothing pretentious here. They make no excuses for who they are, rather, celebrates being Dominican. The food is hearty and wholesome. A cafeteria style hot table, where you order, someone places it in to-go containers or plates, you pay at the end. Simple enough. This place goes a step further if you are dining in. An attendant brings your food to the table. Beers are available with a full accompaniment of sodas, both domestic and imports.

Beef Stew, Red Beans, Maduros, Yellow Rice – the flavors and textures here are an explosion of sofrito and genuine love. This is the stuff great abuelas labor over for the love of their children.

Mofongo and Garlic Shrimp – now this the real deal. Tiny bits of pork fat and skin were pounded into semi ripe plantains to create a mold of island heaven. The luxuriousness of garlic with shrimp in buttery sauce, adds to the already luscious mofongo.

Pulled Pork – perfectly seasoned, roasted, then pulled apart. These days it seems like every restaurant and food truck has a pulled pork dish. They could all learn something from abuela. Of course, this is Dominican pulled pork with all the porky goodness of skin and fat seasoned to perfection.

Tres Leches

Tres leches – a smorgasbord of milky love.


Flan – slightly sugary crusted with the silkiest middle. Oh so lovely.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake – simple decadent luxury.

There is a genuine Dominican feel all around. It is happy, festive, and invigorating. Just like dinner at someone’s home. Certainly a place for good food amongst friends. The service is friendly, genuine, and extremely welcoming.

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