Orlando Chili Cook Off at Baldwin Park


I braved the crowds and decided to check out this event by Events for Change, presented by RP Funding. The main reason for going was to support my fellow blogger/chef The Primlani Kitchen, who was a contestant.

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There were hardly visible directional signs to this event. After taking a drive through Main Street at Baldwin Park and then around the Promenade  I spotted a tiny sign with an arrow. Following the signs, it abruptly stopped. So I asked someone who motioned to keep going. As I got closer the music was loud enough for me to know which direction to head.

It was a little confusing to find the entrance, since the field was fenced off with no signs again. Walking around  I stumbled on the entrance. They accepted cash and credit cards, although one could buy the tickets online in advance. Walking in I was faced with a huge crowd and several rows of tables. There was merchandising, trinkets, and chili stands. How am I to find The Primlani Kitchen? So I walked around. No maps, no directions? Just mosely around until I stumbled into my other fellow blogger Eat Local Orlando. Guess he had done this before, since he had chairs. He walked me to The Primlani Kitchen.

I guess when they say show up on time they actually mean it. See, the event started at 12 pm and I showed up about 2:30 pm. Oops ALL the chili was done! I sampled the bottom of Primlani Kitchen’s pot to get at least a good taste. It was fantastic. Bright, bold, flavorful with shredded beef. Not minced beef as the other contestants. Going around the other contestants,  ALL but maybe four still had chili left. So I sampled. I know I am impartial to Primlani, but damn the girl could throw down, she had the best tasting! Still being hungry I headed to the food trucks area. TreeHouse, Twisted Cuban, and Mama Fixins Soul Food and BBQ were present. I choose Mama Fixins for some good ole Southern Fried Chicken and Fish.

The event was definitely a bit hit with the local community. Everyone seemed like they were having a great time. The music was loud, the chili was hot, and the beers were flowing. It was a windy day. The fresh cut grass and hay sure did make a mess swirling around. Guess next year I’ll have to show up on time.


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