Trey Yuen Restaurant

Trey Yuen Menu – Orlando, FL 32819 – (407) 352-6822.


Nestled in a turn around off busy International Dr. is this spectacular sight of ancient Chinese architecture. Venture into this building and you are instantly transformed to a world beyond imagination. Your gaze will not help but strain to the ceiling. For a great view lay on the floor. Ok no, don’t do that! The ceiling is a marvel of ancient Chinese art form. When your neck can’t take it no more shift your stare to around the restaurant. I would even recommend to politely asking the host if you can just walk around. This is not a sight to see from a far. Walk up to the live lobster tank, pick one. If not into lobster, walk up to the aquarium, kiss the steady stream of little sea creatures Do not eat, display only. Lose your self in the countless art work on the walls and around the floor. This restaurant presents as a Chinese museum. Hungry now?

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If seating amongst Chinese royalty decor does not get your belly bubbling, take a look at the extensive menu. There are three menus here, American Chinese, an authentic Chinese, and a Dim Sum list. Unlike some other Dim Sum restaurants in town, the Dim Sum here is made to order not pushed around on a cart. For the less familiar diners, Dim Sum precooked and served from a push cart is great since you get to see the item. If you are more familiar then a fresh cooked item always better. However, in most of the Dim Sum restaurants around Colonial Town where the push cart is prevalent, the Dim Sum is still very fresh since those places are packed to the gills.

Cross section of Fried Taro stuffed with Pork

We ordered a slew of items, to be delivered as they were ready. Beef Stew Noodle soup was a great starter with amazingly tender and  flavorful cubes of beef. The broth was silky, smooth, and packed with flavors. Beef Tripe was clean, fresh tasting with not even a whiff of any gamey or barnyard flavors, in the words of Andrew Zimmern. The tripe melted in my mouth. Fried Taro Stuffed with Pork was a bird’s nest delight of tender crisp outer crust, fresh grounded taro, and a flavor packed center of ground pork. Eggplant Stuffed with Pork had a firm eggplant outer and flavorful ground pork center accompanied by a savory sauce. Pork Shumai was a delicate bundle of delight. Shrimp Shumai was a gelatinous wrapped bundle of joy. Spare Rib was tender and flavorful with distinct hints of black bean. Stuffed Crab Claws was flaky with ample amounts of meat.

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Dining here was an experience given the spectacular décor and food. The food is fresh and flavors bold. The nice thing about freshly cooked Dim Sum is that there is a constant stream of food, rather than all at once. There is a full liquor bar. Service was cordial and swift. For an authentic Chinese Dim Sum feast this is certainly an experience.

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