EatWell Gyros Restaurant

EatWell Gyros – 407.440.4505.

Who would have thought that this tiny little storefront in Oakhill Village Shopping Center at the intersection of Hiawassee and Old Winter Garden Rd. in Orlando, Florida would have such a diverse and delicious menu?

From the road driving by you see the signs blaring gyros, Philly Cheese steak, and sandwiches. Every so often there is even a spinning roadside sign holder. But venture in… Here is the first kicker, it is a halaal restaurant. What is halaal? Well, halaal is the term used for food that is prepared within strict Islamic laws and customs. Actually, it is a very humane way of treating food. Some may even say is it very organic. But it never occurred to me that a Philly Cheese steak joint would be halaal. Orlando has a fair share of halaal restaurants not as much as Dearborn, Michigan, but there are some.

There is more on the menu. An array of fried chicken combination with various sides including hummus and mac and cheese. The sandwich combinations include sliced gyro meat, chicken, falafel, and beef. There is also shawarma rice, kabobs, rotisserie chicken and pita bread wraps. All rotisserie and gyros are cooked in house. Here is yet another layer. There is West Indian curry in roti wraps. Scretchhhhhh! Stop…. huh?

Yea,  I was speechless too. So I did a little needling of the young man behind the counter. Yes it is counter service for dine in or take out. The tables and chairs seem ample enough for modest sit down dining, but it seems like most people were sitting and waiting for take out. The much obliged young man and another young lady were quick to point out that they are Guyanese and their grand father had a similar style and type of restaurant in a place called Camp Street in Georgetown, Guyana. Their father learned to cook from him and now it seems like the torch is passing on to this generation. So this came full circle. Undoubtedly, a family of muslim culture were transferred to the West Indies as indentured servants, brought their food, now they are sharing that same cuisine in modern day America via a whole new generation.

Gyro meat was tender, spiced to moderation, and cooked perfectly. The pita has ample fluff and tenderness.

Beef Kabob was a little on the tough side, but still flavorful.

Beef Curry Roti Wrap was a tiny little roll with alot of flavors. The beef cubes were spiced and simmered in curry sauce, but served in the roti wrap without sauce. The roti was flaky and  tender. A little small for the price as compared to curry dishes in other neighboring West Indian restaurants. But I guess the minor extra goes towards being halaal.

Overall, most of the dishes were reasonably priced. The restaurant is very clean and tidy. Service was very friendly and amicable. There is a slight wait since most items are made fresh. Although it may seem like a very overwhelming menu for a small restaurant, it caters for the halaal community. With a handful of halaal restaurants around town, it is great to know that there is this large selection of options. There is online ordering and delivery for a minimum of $20 available.

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