Teak Neighborhood Grill

Teak Neighborhood Grill.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Orlando Chili Cook Off. Guess who got the top honors for Restaurant Chili? Teak Neighborhood Grill! I had never heard of this place before. Needless to say I had to check it out.

In true to it’s name “neighborhood” grill, this restaurant is literally surrounded by a neighborhood in Metrowest. There are apartments, condos, and single family homes all within stumbling distance. The back patio of the restaurant is attached to a fitness center. For the large interior and patio, coupled with the residential area, the parking spaces seems a little sparse. My guess is, people just walk over and graze.

The interior is a sports bar atmosphere with TVs, games, and high top tables. To one corner there is a large round table. The outside patio, is large, wide open, and covered. There are bars both inside and out. The crowd is definitely as the name reflects “neighborhood”. It seems like the staff knows most of the patrons.

The menu consist of flatbreads, sandwiches, full entrees and burgers. They even have a burger challenge. Twin Teak Challenge is $39.95, to guzzle down in 45 minutes. Just looking at the menu picture, I’ll pass. Can you say Man versus Twin Teak? They have several daily specials. I was fortunate to be there on Half off Mondays. Half off Starters, Soups, and Salads with the purchase of a beverage.

White Peach Sangria (768x1024)

White Peach Sangria – was light and refreshing.

Chili 1 (1024x768)

Bowl of Chili – This is what  I came for, since they were all out when I got to the Cook Off.  Grounded angus beef, simmered in spices and sauce. The flavor was medium and complimentary. Definitely with broad appeal. Excellent.

Grilled Teriyaki Wings (1024x768)

Grilled Teriyaki Wings – was nicely charred with sweet grilled smokiness. It is my believe that they rival my all time Wally Wing favorite from Houligan’s in Ormond Beach. Wow, it has been over a year since I was out that way. Note to self, must make a trip soon to verify which wings fly higher.

Crab Cakes (1024x768)

Crab Cake – had ample crab meat and was delicious.

Blackened Fish Tacos (1024x768)

Blackened Fish Tacos – Fish was flaky, seasoned, and cooked well. Vegetables were fresh.

Pulled Pork Flatbread (1024x768)

Pulled Pork Flatbread – The pork was flavorful and flatbread crust crispy. Balsamic reduction was heavenly.

All items were cooked well with medium flavors for a broad appeal. This is certainly the kind of place that you can go to every night and have something different. The comfort level and laid back atmosphere welcomes and beckons. I am excited to return and sample some of their burgers. No, not the Twin Teak, the others. Who wants to cook when they can just walk out and go downstairs? Great location and service.

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