Lowes Alafaya and Lake Underhill Food Truck Event

Maybe I did not pay close attention to my twitter feed or was just preoccupied with my impending Taiwan trip, but I was shocked to stumble on to this event. Walking out of Lowes today, my friend said, “Man, I am hungry, where are the food trucks today?” Before, I could pull out my phone to consult good ole twitter, I literally walked into the middle of about a dozen food trucks. Ask and ye shall receive hungry men.

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I was very excited to see that most food trucks, not all, had a smaller more affordable menu. Great opportunity to try many different things. It is even better that these events just pop out of no where. There are so many food trucks these days in Orlando that this day has come when we can eat from a truck all the time. I wonder how the restaurants are faring?

Although, there was hardly a crowd. Don’t get me wrong. I revel that there was no wait. But then again these food trucks have a lot of food to sell. No customers, no sale, spoiled food.  Lucky there was another food truck event at another location later in the evening. It is great to see that these events are roaming around town to give everyone a chance at experiencing great food.


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