Saigon Sizzle Food Truck

Saigon Sizzle | Vietnamese Cuisine.

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My first encounter with this food truck was late one evening at the Fashion Square Mall. It was their first outing to Orlando. Their food was nicely displayed in clear plastic containers. Since dinner at Hawkers that evening had me filled to the brim, I could only look. Most of the display were a main item with sides. I have always thought that adding sides to main items at these food truck bazaars were senseless. We get filled up so fast and can’t get a good sampling of all the trucks present. We like to spread our bellies around.

So to my utter delight, Saigon Sizzle heard my silent wince and changed their menu. Gone are the “combos” and in is the simple small manageable single item menu all under $7! Wonder if they read my mind as I stood there on that cold evening? They did everything I thought about.

I tried the pork and chicken tacos. Watch out for the flavor explosion! Meat marinated in soy sauce, lemongrass, fish sauce, and ginger among “other things” as my young attendant disclosed, will always capture my palate. I was especially happy that the vegetables were crisp and fresh in the blazing mid day sun. Great little offering that allowed me to enjoy this food truck and was still able to sample their neighbor’s food.

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