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The first thing that caught my eye on this food truck was the big g+ logo on the side. Wow, embracing the trend. As we meandered over, I was very impressed with the “fusion” menu.  The attendant seemed very nice.

Since my two young amateur foodies were in tow, we let them do the honors this time. Mind you these two growing young boys took us to the cleaners at 4 Rivers Longwood last night and still had room for dessert! Their choice was the “General’s Chicken”. Sounds like one my favorite Chinese take out item General Tao’s Chicken. Could it be? I took a bite….

The boys nibbled. One of them immediately looked up and with a sheepish grin asked what was next. The other one asked my opinion. I said, “I have none”. As I walked towards the next food truck they both came behind me and pleaded to toss this dish. What could I say? Their father wanted to have a little chat with the truck attendant. Why? There were 13 other food trucks present.

Here is the chef’s resume. I sure hope we get to taste some of his food soon.

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4 responses to “City Eats Food Truck

  1. Come Have another taste! On April 18th We will be at Omni Rosen Shingle Creek as a Featured Truck, On April 19th Chef James will be competing against 10 other chefs at the Pairsine Chefs Food & Wine Pairing Competition at Champions Gate Sponsored by Wine Country Network, On April 21,28 & 29 We will be at Lake Mary Farmers Market and the 29th The Food Truck Event.

    Hope to see you at the Competition on the 19th!

    Chef James
    City Eats Truck

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