Saffron Indian Cuisine

Saffron Indian Cuisine Florida | Orlando’s Finest Indian Cuisine Restaurant | Indian Food.

Swanky, cool, contemporary, and centrally located on Restaurant Row. This restaurant tells very little from the outside. Step into the world of modern Indian dining. The setting is not your classical ancient scenes. Rather, it has a more metro feel. The stark white walls, dark wooden furniture, mixed with cushion banquets, and spots of red sets a contemporary backdrop for stunning food.

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Wafer crisp papadam with mango, mint, and tamarind chutney. The chutneys were heavenly. I ate the mango chutney with a spoon.


GARLIC NAANUnleavened bread topped with garlic butter. Soft, slightly crisp, not overpowering.


SAFFRON SPECIAL NAAN – Naan topped w/fruit & nuts. Crisp around the edges, soft, and fluffy in the center. Slightly sweet and heavenly. This can be eaten alone!


PATTHARKA GOSHT – Thin slices of marinated lamb cooked on a hot stone. As the description suggests “hot stone”, I was expecting a hot stone (patthar) on the table. Too much? Yeah I though so too. Wonderfully done, marinated nicely, full of flavors.

This dish arrives at the table on a sizzling plate. If only you could smell the aroma.


KESARI MIXED GRILL (NON VEG) – Assorted platter of tandoori specialities. Moist tender pieces of meat were succulent and full of flavors.


LAMB XACUTTI – Broiled lamb cubes cooked in dry spice & grated coconut. Chefs special. I especially like the tiny grated coconut flakes. An beautifully crafted dish that really compliments lamb.


JEERA PULAO – Basmati rice flavored with cumin seeds. Fluffy and tasty.

Kingfisher Beer

KINGFISHER BEER– Medium body, with a slightly bitter after taste as the beer cools. Great for cooling off Indian spices.

Saffron has managed to rise above the traditional mold of  Indian restaurants around Orlando. Here is a place that has taken the ancient traditions and elevated to the modern world. Isn’t that the real story behind the rise of India as a power player on the global stage?

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