Layover: Spending time in the City of Angels Airport.

After sitting on the tarmac for like what seems a lifetime, we disembarked with very little pain. Have you ever had to go from domestic to international connection at Los Angeles International Airport?

Tom Bradley International Terminal LAX

Well, let me introduce you to Tom Bradley International Terminal. Before you go running off and staring at a trillion signs, let me save you the trouble. Domestic and International travel departs and arrives from two separate terminals. You have to follow the signs for Domestic Ground Transportation, you should have check your luggage in to the final destination. If not, go to baggage claim. Then exit the terminal and follow the signs to International Terminal. A nice brisk walk, let the LA smog percolate in your lungs. I am sure there is a shuttle. We stretched the legs.

Since we acted like seasoned travellers, we checked in online. Oops. Still have to check in with China Airlines for a printed boarding pass. After standing in the security screening line, now we have to go to the Check In counter. Luckily, there is a 3 hour layover. Wonder if we could have sampled the local cuisine and still made our flight? I am sure. Try telling that to the sage, she wasn’t having it! Of course the belly is grumbling. There was a mini pretzel in the flight, remember? Why even bother with those things?

We took a walk around and found several restaurants on the second level. However, we decided that since the Security Check In line was very long, we might as well go through that and find food on the other side. Bad idea. After having indecent snap shots taken by, I am sure a live feed online site…, TSA will not do that. You are safe. We finally made it through the dreaded line. Take a wild guess, only a sandwich shop on the other side. This rip off place called Marina Bar at Gate 105. An irony tasting chicken filet, with old stale bacon sandwich for $12? Wow, I wish it tasted half decent. When both of the tables next to me caught my astonishment and agreed that their food sucked just the same, I would conclude that this is really bad episode of the Layover.

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