Orlando to Los Angeles on Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines MCO to LAX 1

This is the first leg of a whole lot of flying. The Delta Airlines big bird came in from Los Angeles early in the morning, cleaned up and was heading right back out on the same trip.

The aircraft was clean and comfortable. For a 5 1/2 hour flight they served a snack of mini pretzel and a drink. Really? No, there is an extensive menu to choose from. Ofcourse you pay extra.

It caught my attention that about half hour before landing a flight attendant actually read a script to sign up for Delta Airlines American Express Card while another attendant walked around with the actual form. How clever! A little cross promoting while there is a captive audience.

Approach to Los Angeles 1

The approach into to Los Angeles was spectacular. Coming from a swamp, it is refreshing to see mountains. Follow this link to see more images of the Approach to Los Angeles on Flickr.

We made good timing and was half an hour early in arrival. Needless to say the good traffic controllers in Los Angeles were not having it. We still had to sit on the tarmac and wait our turn. Off to the next leg.

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