Yi-Mi Shopping District

DSC03021DSC03022DSC03023DSC03024DSC03025DSC03006 (1024x768)
DSC03007 (1024x768)DSC03008 (1024x768)DSC03009 (1024x768)DSC03010 (1024x768)DSC03011 (1024x768)DSC03012 (1024x768)
DSC03013 (1024x768)DSC03014 (1024x768)DSC03015 (1024x768)DSC03016 (1024x768)DSC03017 (1024x768)DSC03018 (1024x768)

Yi-Mi shopping District, a set on Flickr.

Here is the heart of bustling, shops, eateries, street stands, and all things imaginable. Since this is close a many of Taichung’s schools, there are tons of students milling around. Young minds can be seen frolicking, shopping , eating, and studying. The fashion sense is very alive.


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