Chun Shui Tang Humanities Teahouse

Chun Shui Tang Humanities teahouse

This subtle blending of the ancient with the new has taken this tea house to great levels. What started as one restaurant about 10 years ago, in Taichung, is now a giant chain spread across Taiwan. The concept is a multi level structure with dining on every floor.

The décor uses natural building elements such as grass utilized as half walls and whole logs as outside seats. There are several rock sculptures that line the outside. The dark woods and muted tone brings nature indoor. There is a very interesting sink feature that appears like a flat surface but drains to the back.

Upon entrance a greeter assigns and escorts you to a table. After settling in, you go back to the first level and place your order. Then the staff brings your food. Table bussing is done by the staff. As in every restaurant in Taiwan, there is no tipping. However, if you as a foreigner feels obligated then by all means spread the wealth.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea – There is a very distinct tea taste in this drink. The milk and tapioca are complimentary. It is definitely a huge drink compared to the smaller sizes in the US.

Chinese Sausage

Chinese Sausage – pork parts makes up this staple on every street corner. Firm sweet texture, medium body.

Fish Cake

Fish Cake – a firm composition served with a savory sauce.

Kung Fu Noodle

Kung Fu Noodles – medium texture noodles with ground pork, bean sprouts, and a stewed egg. Balanced flavors.

Milk Fish Set

Milk Fish Set – Grilled whole milk fish with tiny bones, served with sides of clear noodles, stir fried vegetables, shredded tofu and seaweed. Good combination all tasting very complimentary with textures and flavors. But if you cannot handle tiny bones stir clear of this dish.

Stewed tofu and Pigs Blood Rice cake

Stewed Dry Bean Curd and Pig’s Blood Rice Cake – an amazing thick broth that explodes with richness.

Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

Tie Guan Oolong Tea – is slightly more bitter and heavier than regular oolong tea. It is amazing in this cold glass.

Reuseable Chop Sticks

Reusable Chop Sticks – This restaurant has taken steps to take care of the environment by utilizing reusable  chopsticks. However, disposable chopsticks are available if you request.

Baggage Tag

Baggage Tag – This was given upon payment. Here is the marketing genie at work. If you use this baggage tag, you have just given free publicity of this chain where ever you go. How smart is that?


Receipt – There is number at the top of this receipt, it automatically enters you into a monthly government prize drawing. Essentially this is an incentive to spend money.

Chun Shui Tang restaurant chain and this location has managed to provide a clean safe alternative to the street food scene, while at the same time maintaining food integrity.


2 responses to “Chun Shui Tang Humanities Teahouse

  1. Hi
    This is Charlotte.^.^
    Chun Shui Tang is my favorite teahouse even though it’s high price teahouse. Henry and I like to eat breakfast in Chun Shui Tang, especially pearl milk tea.

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