Father Wu Foot Reflexology Massage Parlor


No.53, Yucai N. Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

As we finished walking around Yi-Mi Shopping District, our eyes and feet caught this open glass showcase. We were told that Father Wu was the founding “Father” at the time an actual priest many, many years ago. If it was good enough for a man of the robe, it is good enough to my sorry tired feet.

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Shoes and socks came off. We were given these very thin slippers and lead to a chair with a soaking vessel. The vessel was filled with a warm water. Our feet dangling in the water for a much needed softening while the masseuse started to work on our shoulders, neck and upper back.

After the soak, we were lead to a relaxing sofa with feet up. Oolong tea was served.  Then the actual massage began. The masseuse were careful enough to ask how intense we wanted. After a couple of screams and turned up faces we settled on a mutual pain level.

The flexing of toes, ankles, and the many joints in the feet started to ease the stress of clambering around a shopping mall that is more street fair than mall. I did not know that it would feel that good to have under my big toe nail massaged.

As the massage drew to a heightened sense of jelly looseness, wheat tea was served. Our legs were wrapped in warm towels and allowed to percolate. When we were finally allowed to stagger up from the chair it was evident that these ancient reflexology secrets in an ancient city work wonders on a tired soul. Off to the next adventure.

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