Taichung to Central Taiwan

As I conclude the final day of this whirlwind tour of Taiwan, I can’t help but feel nostalgic.  Today, my host saved the best for last. We headed to Central Taiwan high up in the mountains to what promised as breathtaking.

Sun Moon Lake

An hour from Taichung, climbing in slow circles we ascended the high mountainous region. At the top was pure splendor. We were looking down at Sun Moon Lake. The rain and heavy fog played hide and seek with the mountain tops and the lake. But we still got to see the majestic splendor of Taiwan in all of it’s glory.

Wenwu Temple

On the way back from Sun Moon Lake we stopped at Wenwu Temple to get a different view of the lake and tasted some awesome tea boiled eggs.

Puli Winery Factory

The journey continued to Puli Winery Factory. This is the home of Taiwan’s famous Shaosing Wine. In the US, this wine is widely labeled and used as Cooking Wine, while the finer offerings are drunk widely amongst Taiwanese all over.

Tonight, I will depart this country that I knew very little about two weeks ago other than it has a thriving night market food scene. I am in awe and at a lost for words. The amount of information and experiences that I was exposed to is fascinating. Thanks to a couple of kind hearted “fixers” who went above and beyond to show me their country. One day I hope to repay the favor.

Now the real journey begins. I plan to chronicle, for you, my gentle reader this amazing journey. It will take some time for me to process all of this information, so please bear with me. Stay tuned….I think you gonna be in awe as I was.

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