Giant Breakfast Shop

No.55, Zhongqing W. 2nd St., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Make a turn, down a side street, pass a busy intersection, down another side street, if you blinked, you passed it. Or look for the guy out front working dough on a stainless steel oven, street side. You have found a piece of heaven on earth.

Storefront (1024x768)

I am told that this place is popular for it’s authenticity in making fresh Youtiao. If I was told the directions, given a map or GPS, I would have never found this place. How can tourists find this place? It is evident from the wall of pictures that foreigners do frequent this place. Thank god for fixers and hosts.

From the street you are greeted by two extremely busy and smiling guys who are in a mad rush to manipulate dough and work a stainless steel looking tandoori style oven. One guy makes and cuts the dough while the other guy frys and bakes the delicacies.

Fried Bread Stick in Clay Oven Sesame Roll (1024x768)

Youtiao is a long golden brown strip of fried dough. When this piece of oil stick is placed in a sandwich of roasted flatbread, shoabing, it is called Shoabing Youtiao. I have had fried dough before in the form of donuts, thai donuts, and other delectable products, nothing compares to this. Shaobing Youtiao is tender, flaky, moist, and heavenly. Fresh dough, fried on the spot, and served makes a world of difference in this breakfast staple. This little hole in the wall makes their own soy milk peanut drink in a huge container and . Other menu items are buns stuffed with various local ingredients.

The feel here is welcoming and warm. Most of the baking and cooking happens right before your eyes either in the back corner or the front street side area. Here is a place filled with local older folks reading the local newspaper and hunched over their authentic breakfast, shoabing youtiao, and gulping large quantities of fresh soy milk. If this was any indication of my eating adventures in Taiwan, I was in for a heavenly journey. In hindsight, this Giant Breakfast Shop happens to be one of my most memorable and enjoyable experiences in Taiwan.

Go check out my Flickr and YouTube Channels for full set of 19 pictures and 3 videos about Giant Breakfast Shop.


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