Bamboo Country Restaurant

As the name suggest this is a bamboo themed restaurant. I’ll say that the only thing here that is not bamboo is the staff. Maybe they are clad in bamboo apparel? No, but really this place is all bamboo.

To showcase a material in this entirety is remarkable. There is no big secret that bamboo is a miracle material with it’s regenerative properties. It is great for the environment and very durable. Aesthetically pleasing, being one with nature this material can easily replace wood and concrete in the building industry. As a food source, it is widely used in Asian cuisines.

At Bamboo Country Restaurant the chairs, tables, utensils, menu, walls, ceiling, everything is bamboo. Bamboo is used in many of the menu items. This place is not all bamboo. The food is quite delicious. Most of the items are sold as sets. A main item and several smaller side items round out the set. One of the stars here, it is no surprise, is the bamboo steamed rice.

Rice is placed in a bamboo utensil and steamed. The bamboo flavor is infused in the rice. At the end of your meal, this utensil is a souvenir. How cool! We ordered stew beef and pork. Both sets included clear seaweed soup with bamboo; stir fried vegetables, snow peas, mushrooms; bamboo shoots stir fry; rice; and Soy bean paste. All of the items were wonderfully prepared. The speed of service at this restaurant was amazing.

Bamboo Country lives up to its name. It is enlightening to see the many practical uses of bamboo. This place is a living example of what can be accomplished with green ideas. Although, bamboo is showcased in its many building forms, as an ingredient in food it excels. Great concept and showcase.

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