Carton King Creativity Park Inc and Honey Bee Museum

1, Lane 281, XiTun Rd, Sec 3, Taichung, Taiwan

I bet you are wondering, like me, what is a carton or bee museum? Like the name says it is literally a museum showcasing the many uses of carton, yes carton boxes. The bee museum is all things bee. There is also a restaurant with, you guessed it, everything made of carton.

DSC03573 (1024x768)

We went at night which added to the enchantment of the garden. Had we visited during the day I don’t think the garden would capture the essence of space as it does at night. The spiral walkway up to the main entrance through the garden is a wonder in itself. Lights, water, different levels of landscaping, plants, trees, and subtle music makes a very fairy like atmosphere even more mystical with rain.

DSC03592 (1024x768)

I was amazed at the very creative uses of carton boxes. There are replicas of outdoor sheep, the Eiffel Tower of France, Lean Tower of Pisa Italy , the Hotel Burj Al Arab of Dubai, Windmills, and other monuments as sections of the garden. These outdoor paper products are water and fireproof, each commanding it’s own presence and space. The main building houses even more intricate creations. There are shelves, storage lockers, post office, walls, dining tables, household furniture, people, overhead lights, and sitting areas all in carton. The creative team works on developing and showcasing the many uses of paper.

DSC03593 (1024x768)

The bee area houses live bees for honey production. Here again carton is used as shelves for various retail honey related items. It is fascinating to see the elaborate packaging in some of these honey gift sets. Various bottle sizes and shapes add to the thoughtfulness of gifting. Honey bees are housed behind an ecological wall which allows to view the bee’s natural movements. This unique honey is mild and not overtly sweet. I am having some in a nice cup of Taiwan Mountain tea right now. Delicious.

It was a little too late to experience the restaurant and we had dinner already. But it seems very lively and all tables, chairs and furnishes were made of carton. I am sure so were the utensils. How amazing that there is whole world made of carton paper?

Go check out a full set of 32 pictures on my Flickr.

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