Da Da Tea Restaurant

11F  No. 186, Section 4, Fùxīng Road, Dong District, Taichung City, Taiwan


This is Dim Sum all classed up in the swanky Mode Mall. After a tireless shopping expedition this is the place to rest your tired feet and recharge those batteries.

There are cart service and specialty ordering available. When they say food, this place is none stop. The carts come by so fast and loaded that you may not even be ready for the onslaught. If you are like me at a dim sum place I just keep ordering with my eyes and forget that I have to eat even thing. Be forewarned, it is easy to overflow your table.

We sampled the line of shrimp shumai, stuffed fried taro, peking duck, and the host of others.

My new found favorite was the Thousand Year Old Egg. I was astonished at the silky luxurious texture in the middle of the black egg yolk. It was semi solid and ever so smooth. The egg white or crystal clear brown was firm and silky. If I had to choose one dish in my overall Taiwanese visit to reorder, this would be it!

The service here is cordial and catering. All of the staff were uniformed and polite. It was a well orchestrated flowing of food carts. The atmosphere was classy, with great food.

Go to my Flickr for a full set of 28 pictures.


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