LaTTea Tea House

With a so many Tea Houses on a small island how does one stand out? Add salty frothed cream to the tea. This is the claim to fame for LaTTea.

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It makes great business sense to choose locations close to train stations. Even better for this particular LaTTea location in Taichung, above it is an popular English language school. Talk about a captive audience, but a demanding and ever changing. I must admit that this unique frothed cream is an acquired taste.

The setting for this tea house is very unique. At the entrance is an order form. Mark off your selection and take the form inside to the counter. The very hip and cool young lady (I did not see guys) will whip up your choice and slap a nice labeled seal on your cup.

Inside are rows of tables and chairs with magazine racks. Of course, Jeremy Lin grazes most of the covers. I guess the idea is to sit around drink tea and indulge in pop culture. Or practice English. Cool setting. Not so much for the salted frothy cream.


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