Mode Mall

This swanky mall is the place to be. It is the home of a Vieshow Cinemas and an ice skating rink. Of course all the name brand retailers and restaurants have homes here.

The sheer stunning structure of the mall beckons. There is a courtyard surrounded by the towering floors of retail. On this particular day of visit there was a camp of teenage girls waiting 8 hours before a scheduled appearance from a Taiwanese Super Star performer. Sounds like the malls in the US.

An indoor ice skating rink is the perfect spot to deposit the kids for hours of guided lessons from a recognized Taiwanese Ice Skating Star. Um, I mean educate the kids in the wonderful sport of Ice Skating.

The Japanese equivalent of the Dollar Store, Daio, has a store here also. I was entertained by a cart for your shopping basket.

This is a great place to shop, eat, go to the movies, or just browse around.

No I did not get a shot at the teeny bopper, but I did get some shots of the building. Check them out on my Flickr.

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