Spring Time at Hillstone Winter Park

The leaves are getting greener and the flowers are peeking out. The air is fragrant and Hillstone’s kitchen is getting inspired. Not that they weren’t already dishing out spectacular food. But Spring has brought out even a more bountiful feast.

View From Hillstone Boat Dock

The lawn facing Lake Killarney, behind Hillstone, was already an enchanted setting. But with the gentle nudge of Service Captain Sherry Martin, though she may humbling deny the credit, is now a tropical oasis. The lawn chairs, herb garden, and fire pit were always there. Setting the chairs in little pods surrounded by foliage created a semi private, cozier, intimate gathering space. These pods now extend across the lawn like your own private hideaway. With some well appointed ground and tree lights, it is hard press for a more romantic setting anywhere in Orlando.

Spring time is the perfect coming out for Schramsberg Brut Rose Sparkling and Chehalm Inox Chardonnay, together with fresh herb drinks such as Mojito that the bar serves up. The light fare of their numerous salads with a nutty, cold, scrumptious, Barley Salad making it’s debut brings a rush of fresh Spring from Lake Killarney. Mushroom Meatloaf with it’s earthy texture will compliment any of the well selected wines.

Of course the stalwart favorites are still putting their mark on the menu and our hearts. Grilled Artichokes are still as charred and nutty with a heart good enough to eat your dining companion’s. Smoked Salmon is still done in house to exacting perfection and Deviled Eggs are still all jazzed up. Jumbo Fried Shrimp perks up it’s tail with crackling fanfare and Hawaiian Rib Eye will have you speaking in tribal Hawaiian tongues. The French Dip Au Jus Sandwich is “Orgasmic” so says Rashmi of The Primlani Kitchen, I concur. Watch out for the tart Key Lime Pie, the warm soulful Five Nut Brownie, and the light airy Banana Cream Pie they will have your eyes rolling in the back of your head.

If the food and drinks are all too comforting and you have a hard time selecting like I do, let the staff guide you. This staff is well trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of the menu. It would be their utmost honor to make suggestions and guide your palate. Trust them, they have eaten the entire menu and probably drunk all the wines and cocktails. They know what they speak of.

This tropical oasis is the perfect setting for the Winter Park Paint Out. Hillstone Hosts Sunset Paint In on Lake Killarney, April 25, 2012 at 6 pm. This event will feature 26 artist as they capture the Florida sunset on canvas.

A Spring Breeze is blowing at Hillstone Restaurant, go relax and take it all in.

See what my dining companions The Primlani KitchenOrlando Local, Eating Orlando, and Katy Widrick, EatWatchRun, and CrazyRunningLegs thought of the experience.

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