Eastside Asian Market

Eastside Asian Market | The newest Asian Market in East Orlando.

There is an alternative to the giant Asian grocery stores in Mills 50 and Kirkman and Colonial Dr. I was on the Alafaya Corridor last weekend and a chance wrong turn put me past this quaint little store front.

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Don’t let the little store front mislead you. This place is fully stocked. There is a food counter with a couple of tables and chairs. Too bad I already had lunch. I will definitely revisit to taste the food. There are rows and rows of fully stocked shelves. All the usual suspects in most of the Asian grocery stores are present. There are certainly an abundance of items I recognize on the shelves from my recent Taiwanese trip.

This place displays an high level of cleanliness and organization. All of the labels are facing outwards. The coolers and floors are spotless. Certainly a place to browse and shop.

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