Flyers Wings & Grill

Flyers Wings & Grill.

I have driven by this place a million times and read all the reviews. After eating here, I now realized why I did not stop in before.

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I’ll let you know that I do not base my opinions on the exterior and interior physical plant of an establishment. I have had many a great dining experiences in places that looks like it should be torn down. However, this place takes the cream. For a place with the title of “14 Annual Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards Critic’s Choice for Best Wings” come on! A worn interior is one thing but a sticky table and messy dining room leaves a lot to be desired.

There are many choice of sauces and various combinations of wings. The menu has some sandwiches and what not. But I was there for these famous wings of 20 years. Or is it the chicken is 20 years old? The wings themselves are rather small and tiny, non breaded and deep fried, then tossed in sauce. Rock hard skin, flecks of flesh and bone are not really what I expected. Wasn’t this place voted the “Best Wings” with raging reviews all across the board. Oh my, am I going to be the only one who does not think this wing deserves any title at all? We had the Honey BBQ sauce, which could have been off the Walmart shelf and this famously over emphasized Lemon Pepper sauce that everyone including the server is bragging about. Lemon Pepper? Where was the Lemon, where was the Pepper? More like tiny wings flapping around in a pound of butter.  The rack of ribs was fall off the bone tender, but the excitement stopped there. Nothing further.

I was disappointed. Maybe my expectations were too high, being voted “Best Wings by the Orlando Sentinel” and all. Or was it that I had the Wally Wings and Teak Neighborhood Grill experience to gauge from? Whichever, I’ll just keep driving by and avoid any conversations about this place.

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