Beginnings of a New Menu at Cask and Larder

I went out in February to look at this space before the transformation took place. At that time it was hard to tell if construction had taken place inside, the outside looked the same. Here we are in May and the pot is stirring!

The promise of southern ingredients are already wafting in the air. Lift the pot lid and let’s see what’s inside. First off, what is whole Cookery? and Chow-Chow? Create our own plate with gluten and dietary considerations? Come on Cask and Larder, our palates are tingling and throats are thirsty. Where is the beer?

Sits quietly and twirl thumbs……when, when….looks out the window. Gotta go to The Ravenous Pig and get a filling.

Check out their website Beginnings of a Menu « Cask & Larder.

Go Like their Facebook Page and Follow them on Twitter.

Cask & Larder (Opening Soon) on Urbanspoon


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