Gemuetlichkeit is alive at Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe

Gemuetlichkeit is a sense of well-being and happiness that comes from enjoying the company of friends and family while savoring good food and drink. – Hollerbach’s Willow Tree.

Have you been to downtown Sanford recently? Have you seen the always present large crowd infront of a restaurant? Ever wonder why? Gemuetlichkeit is certainly present here. While most restaurants aim for this goal, few actually achieve it. From the moment of driving by this restaurant you are instantly drawn to the bustling sidewalk patio.


Inside and Patio

The large expansive patio presents our great Florida weather without worrying about quick showers. Most of the patio is under the building while the sidewalk tables are umbrella covered. The inside dining area has two large rooms connected. At one corner a live band works the crowd into a frenzy with German music. German décor rounds out the warm inviting interior.

German Bread_wm

German Bread

The menu boast an enormous array of German staples. There are samplings of appetizers, various meats and sausages, and of course schnitzel. Gluten free and healthy choices are available. What true German restaurant would not have beer? There are several selection of sizes and types on tap and imported bottles specially selected by the unofficial Biermeister/Chef Theo Hollerbach. The wine list includes a good selection of German wines of different classification. Then there are those damaging Schnapps that carry a German size smack. Staple cakes and seasonal desserts, made in house, tempt and tantalizes. The portions are, you guessed it, German size. If you are accustomed to regular size portions try the sharing portions, you could get full very fast.

Spargel mit Schinken_wm

Spargel mit Schinkel – Asparagus rolled in ham over melons and greens. A refreshing contrast of saltiness from the ham and sweetness from the fruits. Good dish.

Schlachthaus Platte Fur Zwe_wm

Schlachthaus Platte Fur Zwe – One each Bratwurst, Weisswurst, and Knockwurst, Leber Kase (a finely ground seasoned baked pork loaf) and boneless Smoked pork loin, potato salad, sauerkraut, sweet red cabbage, and German bread. This is great dish to get a sampling of the various offerings in this restaurant. It delivers with amazing flavors and textures. If this is any suggestion how great the food s, it definitely showcases well.

Selbach Bernkaslter Kurfuerstlay Rielsing Auslese_wm

Selbach Bernkastler Kurfuerstlay Riesling Auslese – great nose of fruits, full mouth feeling with sweet smoothness, lingering aftertaste .

Spaten Optimator Dopplebock_wm

Spaten Optimator Dopplebock – big, bold, malty, high alcohol, this beer will put hairs on your chest, or just get you drunk fast. Excellent.

The energy in this restaurant is high, loud, and very friendly. In the recent months I can’t recall when a manager, or owner, ever came to visit my table. Theo came by with a huge glass of beer in his hand. This is how the laid back happiness occurs. The service was a little slow, but who is checking. There are huge beers to drink, loud music to dance, huge portions to devour, and new friends to make including  a pet bird on the patio! This is the kind of place that you go back time and again just to get a taste of everything on the menu and of course swim in the beer. Great place for friends and family to have an enjoyable time.

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