Bring condiments, seafood is awaiting at Ms Apples Crab Shack

Ever craved live crab and lobsters, but do not care to pay an arm and a leg? Here is the place. They have fresh, live seafood at moderate prices in a modest waterway environment. No, it is not in Orlando. You have to make a short 1 hour drive to the  east coast, at Merritt Island. Plug the address in your handi dany GPS and off you go, easy drive.

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The Crab Shack doubles as a retail and wholesale seafood market. It is ideally located on the water for easy access. There are several outdoor chairs and tables. Inside you are greeted by huge tanks of fresh crabs. They are sorted by size. Other choices are shrimp, scallop, crawfish, and clams. I am sure there are other seasonal items. Pick as many as you like, hand it to the attendant and tell him to steam them. You have a choice of hot or mild seasonings, or none. There are also live lobster that sells by the pound. Of course they have entree selections, which are combinations of seafood with other condiments. But this is a live seafood market. Your choice…..All of these items can be bought uncooked for take home.

You can bring your own drinks and additional condiments as you wish. Butcher’s paper is mounted at several areas around the patio. Tear of a generous piece and spread on your table. Dump seafood on paper and commence carnage. When you are done, there are paper towel rolls or a sink. There are also toilet facilities. Oh, remember to pick up after yourself and dump in the huge dumpster. Can you tell this is not white table cloth? Yes, as rustic as it gets. Prepare to get messy, oh but the seafood is marvelously scrumptious.

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