New things are happening at Junior Colombian Burger

A lot of new things are happening at this once burger truck turned restaurant. Do you have late night cravings on the weekend, like after clubbing? Have you never been introduced to the Columbian Burger? My friend, you are missing one of the many wonders of Orlando.

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Many moons ago, before all the fancy, smanzy, shinny, new food trucks with culinary pedigreed chefs rolled into town, there was the lone Junior Colombian Truck. In those days it parked a few blocks away from Kirkman Rd. on Vineland Rd. On the weekend there were always a huge crowd. The owner moved into this current location some time back. Needless to say there were times that the staple Colombian Burger did not deliver. But time seems to have swept those misgivings away.

The Columbian burger is back to it’s glory. One new item I recently tried is Salchipapa , a delicious combination of fried sausage and little potatoes with garlic sauce. The potatoes were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Deep fried sausage was heavenly. There are more new items that I am definitely trying next.

Another great addition are tables and chairs outside. Of course, the thrones of hip coolness are saddled up with Smartphones, cool hairdos, hip threads, and Columbian swagger. Business is obviously booming, because now they have a beeper system. After your order is placed, they hand you a beeper and off you go to mingle with hip cool people while your order is prepared.

Good things are happening. Keep progressing. Can’t wait to see what is next.

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