Simplicity is often the best replica at Pho Saigon

Pho Saigon menu – Orlando, FL 32808 – (407) 253-7013.

Here is the perfect example of Vietnamese cuisine at its very core. Simple, clean, healthy, no frills, just great food. Many restaurants try to modify their ethnic tastes to suit the American palate. Pho Saigon makes no excuses for their originality. Their flavors are bold and authentic. What is Vietnamese food without fish sauce? There is no muted fish sauce here.


Their authenticity may very well be because they are among one of the largest collection of Asian stores in town. Anchored by First Oriental Supermarket, Westside Crossings Shopping Plaza is a buzz with Asian outlets. There are bakeries, travel agencies, computer repairs, antiques, and a karaoke bar. What better place to have authentic food than a place where the locals eat?


This is a simple establishment with clean surroundings. The pebbled stone wall art lends a calm serenity to simple tables and chairs. There is a cashier stand at the entrance and a another ordering counter at the back. The wide expansive space is made to appear larger with huge glass windows. Sit down dining is comfortable and accommodating.


MINCED SHRIMP ON SUGARCANES – Perfectly cooked. These can be eaten as lollipops or wrapped in vegetables. Chew on the sugar cane stalks for a burst of flavor. Amazing!


GRILLED PORK ROLL – These little darlings were originally on a skewer to grill. Then removed and sliced down the middle. Eat with veggies as a wrap or by itself.


BEEF NOODLE SOUP WITH TENDON, FLANK, and TRIPE – Noodles, bean sprouts, basil leaves, scallions, in a very flavorful broth. A “Pho” is all about the broth. This broth was well balanced with a delicate flavor profile.


SPRING ROLL AND GRILLED BEEF WITH LEMON GRASSwith salad on rice vermicelli – Well done tender slices of beef. Great marination. At first glance this looks like not enough meat, but as you eat the entire dish as it was meant to be had, it is plentiful.

The food speaks for itself fresh, healthy, and huge portions. Service was decent, nice and friendly. I would have ordered a beer had I been asked. But, I could have ordered one anyway. There isn’t any menu item over $10, look at the portion size. With these prices go for trying a bunch of different items, a quick fill, or enjoy in a large group. Great bang for your buck and belly. Since it is all healthy your waistline will thank you.

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