Shake Shack strikes a pose on South Beach

South Beach | Shake Shack.

What is with the cult like following of a burger joint? Have you seen the miles of line at Shake Shack New York location? There has to be at least one or many of your New York friends who can’t wait to Instagram their Shake Shack conquest. Let’s not leave out the people who make a special trip to New York just to tag all of their Facebook friends in front of this burger movement. Well, Shake Shack now has a South Beach location. Who wants to go to New York when the same thing is in South Beach Miami, with better weather?

The minds at Shake Shack could not have picked a better location in Miami. If you went to South Beach and did not go to Lincoln Rd Mall, you did not go to South Beach. Make another trip. Every trend in Miami food have either started or ended on Lincoln Rd. The place is a mecca of the fashionistas, foodies, yuppies, druggies, aspiring models, old farts, and play boys. It would be very hard to find another place that is identical to Lincoln Rd. What better place to share America’s favorite comfort food, burgers.

Shake Shack is one building north of Lincoln Rd at Lennox Ave. almost to the end anchored by the stunning Regal Movie Theater. Like almost every restaurant on Lincoln Rd. there are street side tables and chairs. The interior is a startling modernist, industrial canvas that screams yuppie. I mean that in a good way. Wood, metal, zinc, and concrete carve a cohesive space. Huge open ceilings lend a sense of openness.  There are high top tables and chairs around the interior. Of course there is a line and it is long! Once you order they hand you one of those space saucer looking beepers. When your food is ready, you guessed it the beeper takes off, no it vibrates.

2012-11-03 19.18.18_wm

ShackBurger – Cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce; single.

2012-11-03 19.18.27_wm

SmokeShack – Cheeseburger topped with Niman Ranch all natural applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper and ShackSauce; double.

According to the menu and all cult writings, the patties are all natural, hormone free, antibiotics free, and made fresh daily. All ingredients are sourced locally. Shake Shack burger stands head and shoulders over the usual army of fast food chains however, there wasn’t a wow factor. There are hot dogs, frozen custards, fries, drinks, beer and wine. Yes, fast food style beer and wine. No comment on the fries. The community participation is very commendable for this company.

May be it was the 4 hr. drive from Orlando to Miami or yea let’s blame the Miami salt air, was worth it,yes; would I do it again, not so sure.

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