BnB Junction A farm-to-table approach to the classic American burger joint

B&B Junction | A farm-to-table approach to the classic American burger joint..

How many new restaurants are claiming the farm to table, natural, hormone free, free range, hydroponic greens and everything tree hugging? Quite a few, look around. Most claims are substantiated by public display of sources. Like McDonalds caloric value display, it seems like a badge of honor to display names of farms. Are we ready to embrace this health conscious eating?

B n B Junction proudly states that their burger meat is sourced from Nines Mine Ranch, St. Cloud, FL. and heirloom tomatoes from 3 Boys Farm, Ruskin, FL. Craft beer is brewed right here in Florida and almost everything is sourced, whenever possible, from close by. What a great way to embrace and support the local Florida economy. One would imagine that if transportation cost is reduced from the equation then consumer price may go down. Not so fast. The price to rear a cow longer for a good yield is steep. Hence, that cost gets transferred to the consumer.

However, the choice between health benefits, social responsibility, saving the earth and price is one that we have to make. Sooner or later if we continue our quest for mass production, we may eliminate a generation with health deficiencies not to mention our environmental impact. The conscious effort by local restaurateurs and chefs to reverse this trend is remarkable. It is about time that we as a community stand up for what is right for the next generation.

This restaurant took over the spot previously occupied by the ever growing 4 Rivers Winter Park. Parking is still the same. 4 Rivers moved down the road for better parking. It is yet to be seen if B n B will attract crowds that demand the attention of Winter Park Police to do traffic control. The basic set up is the same. Walk in, order, counter service style, get a beer, pay, your name is written on a table tent, sit outside, food is auctioned at table.

I am still on the fence with this emerging concept of counter ordering, pay, food runner brings food to table. Aren’t people reliable enough to take an order, input in computer, kitchen prepares and then serves to table? Why is the noble profession of a server being sidelined? Then the food runner says, “Let me know if you need anything else.” Let who know? No one has the responsibility for a table much less section. Let’s just flag a random person down who is wearing a shirt with logo on it. Like I said, to the many restaurants who are employing this practice, I might get it one day.

The burgers here can be ordered “pink or no pink” There are alternative burgers made from bison, turkey, chicken, pulled pork, or veggie. Snacks are a host of side items, Wings, artisan styled grilled cheese, and greens round out the menu. Caution: There is a line on the menu that reads, “Feel free to delete an ingredient or two no other substitutions.” What does that remind you of? A stern proprietary restaurant that prefers to say “no” before “yes”. I thought it was the other way around in hospitality?

2012-11-24 16.45.54_wm

HOUSE CHILI turkey, white beans, jalapeno relish, cilantro sour cream. I can’t quite say that there were strong flavors or taste here, neither can I say it was bland.

2012-11-24 15.54.39_wm

Winter Solstice – Medium bodied, nutty and spicy. Nice taste for a brisk Florida Winter.

2012-11-24 16.45.362012-11-24 16.48.10_wm

Burger #8  over-easy fried farm egg, aged cheddar, roasted tomato chutney, guacamole, cilantro sour cream. The bread was soft and tender a nice vessel to carry the juicy, succulent, patty. Isn’t over easy supposed to mean slightly running? This egg was not. Tomato chutney was a nice accompaniment. If this is what hormone free is, I can live with it.

2012-11-24 16.45.48_wm2012-11-24 16.48.31_wm

Alternative Burger #10 pulled pork, house-made bourbon ham, gruyere, mojo, house-made pickle, mustard, brioche toast. Toast was nicely done. Pulled pork was dry and flavorless. Not so sure this combination worked.

The careful attention to putting a spin on the classic burger joint is evident. This certainly is different. With difference comes hesitation which could lead to confusion and ultimately disinterest. At first glance the menu could take a minute to figure out. I urge you to take a second, absorb the menu, figure it out, approach this concept with an open mind. Going healthy is good for all of us. We could certainly start to steer the next generation in the right direction with B n B. I can’t wait to go again for something healthy to extend my years.

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