The Batter Bowl Truck Eat Dessert First Orlando

The Batter Bowl Truck.

Somehow this truck happened to always slip me. Most of the times I go to these food truck bazaars I am full from other food and leave no room for desserts. This time it was all desserts.

In the mix of food trucks trying their hand at the new trend, The Batter Bowl has managed to stick around. While some food trucks are giving up on their dessert selections altogether here is a truck that caters to solely dessert. I wonder if focusing on just one thing has anything to do with longevity?


Nothing spells dessert than a bowl and whisk. This signage lends to the distinctiveness of what is on the truck.


Five items written on a simple display board. When the items are done they are erased. This is the soul of a food truck. After all, food is served on the street slung out of a truck.


Creme Brulee – creamy sweet with the sugar crust torched infront of your eyes. (I was too slow with my phone to snap a pic. Next time)

Keep on staying true to the sugar loving crowd.

The Batter Bowl Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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