Will Burger 21 at Millenia Area top the Charts in Orlando.

Burger 21 | Rated the Best Burger in Tampa Bay!.

Chef designed burgers, hot dogs and salads await. Buzz words adorn the walls. The website sizzles. The ambition for franchise expansion excites. The ability to order online dazzles. The foodie media is lighting up about this concept. Is is all that and a bag of chips?

Carved out of the corporate culture for standardized franchising, this new comer to the Millenia Area is staking a claim on the burger scene in Orlando. Occupying the old Pearl Vision spot in a plaza opposite Mall at Millenia along Conroy Rd with big overhead sign you can’t miss this spot. The interior is a stark difference from any casual burger joint. Contemporary designs with pale walls and white furniture strikes clarity. The large ornate wall art mesmerizes. Very cool.

With all this dazzling surrounding you would think this is a high end restaurant with fine table service. Easy gentle reader. It is a casual counter service. Place your orders at a counter and the food is brought out to you. If you prefer take out there is a large take out waiting bar. I lost count of how large is the sauce bar. There are so many choices my head is still spinning.

2013-01-02 17.47.08_wm

2013-01-02 17.50.06_wm

Cheesy Burger 6 oz lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, toasted brioche bun. Burgers are advised to have a pink center. Brioche was fluffy and nutty. Patty was a little on the dry side.

2013-01-02 17.47.28_wm

2013-01-02 17.49.41_wm

Tuscan Chicken Burger Freshly-made chicken burger placed on arugula and tomato and topped with melted provolone cheese, a basil, artichoke and prosciutto relish, sun-dried tomato aioli and a homemade Parmesan crisp. Flavors were bold and melted together. chicken patty was well cooked. This was the Featured Burger.

2013-01-02 17.46.09_wm

Sweet Potato Fries lightly salted and a little on the soggy side. Not crisp.

2013-01-02 17.30.20_wm

Signature Shake Crème Brûlée  creamy, milky, frothy, brain freezing good.

This is definitely a contender for best burger joint in Orlando. Is the patty itself the best, I’d like to try other things before rendering an opinion. Atmosphere, design, continuity in expression of culture, it’s all there. This could very well be the next biggest national brand. If the robotic service softens a little to reflect a more personable touch this could cross into the realm of not feeling like a straight laced chain restaurant. Contemporary does not mean expressionless. Will this chain trump the local burger movement in Orlando? Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Burger 21 on Urbanspoon

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