Did the Mayan Calendar get it right at Mayan Grill Food Truck

Mayan Grill Food Truck.

Pupusas Flores, Pupusas Orlando, Pupusas Salvadorenas, Food Grocery, Mayan Grill, Central American Cuisine? Am I the only one losing my marbles here? What exactly is this truck?

I stood in short line for about 7 minutes, when I got to the front I waited patiently for my turn to order. Someone walked up right in front of me with two little dogs, did not even bother to notice there was a line and placed an order. Oh well, I love dogs so I let it slide.

After ordering I waiting for what seemed like eternity, maybe a good half hour. People who came behind of me were getting their orders and mine still was being slaughtered. No acknowledgement, no pleasantries, nothing. For whatever reasons, as I looked on, it seems like there was some sort of unorganized chaos going on in the truck. The movements in there seems unrehearsed and confused. Hope this wasn’t their first day on the job.

The truck itself is blue with a pyramid painted on the side, hints of it’s roots. The necessary self promoting, social media icons, pictures, and menu showcased nicely. There was a table with empty sauce bottles, napkins, and plastic utensils.

2013-01-13 20.51.25_wm

“Super Macho” – Make it double! 2 Traditional Pupusas stuffed with Beans & Cheese topped with Steak & Pork. The pupusas were soft and delicate with bold flavors. However, they fell apart when picked up. Apart from the slight difference in color between beef and pork, they was nothing else that set these two meats apart.

There is a disclaimer on the menu that says “Special Order Additional waiting time required”. Was my order considered “special”? That explains my wait time. I remembered the little yellow truck and how wonderfully delighted I was with my handful of goodies. This visit, no so much. If you are reading this, then you know how the Mayan Calendar’s prediction went.

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