Its about to get hot hot at Bem Bom Food Truck

Bem Bom Food Truck & Catering in Orlando, FL.

Walked up to a black truck and scoped out the menu. Writing on the truck said something that resembles “Portuguese”. The menu mentioned a Portuguese sausage and chicken in piri piri sauce tacos. The rest of the menu read like a five star restaurant at a destination far and away, yet exotic. Where am I?

The lively and smiling lady in front of the truck was kind enough to answer some heat questions and we placed an order. Anything to drink? Why of course, what’s there? Oh the usual Coke and Guarana, a Brazilian soda which tastes citrusy and cools the palate. Bring on the Guarana.

Stepping aside so others can order we were assured that our order would be right up. Service? Yes, we were also offered to check out the bottled Piri Piri Sauce for sale. Oh yes, the chef makes and bottles his own sauce. After tasting the sauce I challenge anyone who swears by Tobasco and Siracha to give this a tingle. What kind of operation was this?

Walaaa, few minutes later, our names were being called, not that she needed to, because the lovely lady knew who ordered what. She was already walking over to us, with handfuls of a sight to behold. She even remembered that we should grab our sodas.

2013-01-13 21.19.56_wm

Portuguese Sausage was spicy, bold, semi hard, and full of flavors. Piri Piri Chicken had a smooth buttery spiciness that hits just at the right level. The flavors and textures of these simple dishes packed an amazing bundle of joy to my heart. Tacos were firm and pliable, held together very well.

The blast from piri piri caught my attention. I tasted these flavors before. But where? The Chef’s name on the truck was stinging my eyes. No shame in my game. I Googled him. Oh yea, I did taste Chef Chico’s fine food before, at Cocina 214. This just goes to show when one door closes another opens.

Lesson for all who dares to try their hand at food truckery:

1. Notice the lady at the front of the truck? She takes an order, keeps the waiting guests engaged, and delivers the food. Great Service. Check!

2. Notice the food container? A simple open cavity to hold and display food. Can be eaten out of very easily. Can catch falling parts out of mouth. Check!

3. Notice the simple items? Straight forward food, big bold flavors, not too much dressing up. Check!

Lessons learn? Great food AND service wins hands down every day all day long, in a fine dining establishment or on the streets. Ladies and gents there ends the lesson. It does not get any better than this. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel on food trucks altogether, this fine truck rolls in. Cook on chef!

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