Pop what, where, when at Pop Craft Pops

Popsicles,Paletas, Frozen Confections.

It goes to follow that with all of the heat and sunshine in Florida that a good cold one is a must, anytime. Well, I mean the non alcoholic type. Who does not want a cold anything on a stick?

2013-01-13 21.32.51_wm

Pop Craft Pops does just that. Simple concept. A cart selling frozen quenchers on a stick. These little delights are made from fresh fruits, less sugar, organic, and healthy ingredients. The flavors are bold with actual bite size pieces of fruits.

2013-01-13 21.32.42_wm

Pineapple Lime Agave (No Sugar Added) – Chunks of frozen pineapple, sourness of limes, balanced with the natural sweetener agave. A great cool down without the sugar rush.

2013-01-13 21.32.33_wm

Coconut Citrus Ginger – Pieces of coconut with that great nose of ginger. Refreshing.

2013-01-13 21.33.00_wm

This is the perfect way to end a foodie night out at the Food Truck Bazaar. Eat all the spiciness you want from the various spice monsters. Or try out that outrageous burger that all of your cool friends are retweeting. Then go give the palate a cooling and cleansing at Pop Craft Pops Cart. See that nice lady in the picture above? If her sunny disposition does not put any aggravation to rest that you had standing in the long food truck lines, then you should not go to these outings. Great service, great product, happy belly!

Pop Craft Pops Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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