Sitting quietly in a corner is Kim Wu Chinese Restaurant

Kim Wu Chinese Restaurant | 32819 | Orlando – FREE Chinese Delivery.

Along Kirkman Rd in the Universal Studios area, tucked in the back of a shopping plaza is Kim Wu. It is more visible from Kirkman Rd. than the plaza itself. Make no mistake, this is not your regular “Chinese take out joint”.

The interior is a step up from the corner Chinese restaurant. There are ample seating with an assortment of traditional Chinese decorations. This restaurant add little touches that takes it over the top. With your take out order there are two little goody bags. There is a bag of fried wonton strips and ‘duck’ sauce. The other bag has soy sauce, 2 tea bags, and fortune cookies. I don’t recall these items being given at any Chinese take out restaurant that I’ve gone to. Do you?


General Tsao Chicken – Some restaurants make this dish with bell peppers, others don’t. I gave up trying to figure out if there is a standard recipe. This particular preparation lacked the long chili peppers that adds a distinctive flavor. The chicken was crisp and fried well. The sauce was more acidic than sweet and spicy. Rice was well cooked, but lacked any distinctive flavors.


Moo Goo Gai Pan – Tender slivers of chicken sautéed with assorted vegetables in clear sauce. Well cooked with a nice balance of acidity and sweetness.


Egg Drop Soup – Thick and flavorful.


Chicken Wings – Crisp, lightly seasoned, not too salty.

Sometimes it is worth to try and find a place that is not so obvious. This restaurant is one of those places. One may assume that being tucked away will decrease activity. But this place was doing brisk take out and dine in business on my visit. No wonder they have been there this long. I have to try other items. Enjoy!

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