Wah de bizzness a gwan in Winnaz Restaurant and Lounge


Attendant: Wah happening star boi, wah yuh want fe eat?

Me: You have jerk chicken?

Attendant: Yes mon, eh a guh tek 20 minutes to mek.

Me: Any other Jerk preparation?

Attendant: Him ‘ave jerk pork and ribs.

Me: Can I have that in a combination?

Attendant: Yea mon.

Me: How spicy is your jerk sauce?

Attendant: Very spicy, but meh cyan give yuh on the side.

Me: Okay, one order of Jerk Pork and Ribs combination with sauce on the side.

Attendant: Yes ayah. Wah yuh a drink?

Me: I’ll take a Jamaican Champagne Kola.

Couple minutes later…..


Jerk Pork and Ribs – The pork meat was a shoulder. Tender, succulent, bursting with flavors. The fat content melted with soft silkiness to charred with seasonings makes this a wonderfully delicious piece of meat. The ribs were a little on the dry side. The distinct Jerk spice marinate was very prevalent. There is no light dusting or sprinkling here. This is long marinating and slow roasting. The ONLY way for Jerk preparations.


The restaurant itself is dimly lit with several tables and chairs. There is a dance floor or open space area. Obviously, this place doubles as a “Dance Hall” spot for Jamaican style partying. There are many other Jamaican specialties on the menu. Party on mon.

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2 responses to “Wah de bizzness a gwan in Winnaz Restaurant and Lounge

  1. This obviously isnt a real Jamaican Restaurant. Its Guyanese or Trini trying to pass as Jamaican as usual. Your trying to hard to be Jamaican and that just gave you away. Be yourself and serve your native dishes. Stop being a #2 someone else and be a #1 you.

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